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Paula gets loose, poisons Phil, and runs away until hein strikes a high voltage cable and dies. Casper and paula then escape together. Halfway through the end credits, a sequence shows two of paula's classmates praising hein's abilities in dissection and preservation, discuss Grombek's imminent replacement, and how in their respective practices they will keep a low profile while experimenting for the Anti-hippocratic Society. The film briefly mentions that the Antihippocratics were involved with the nazi human experimentations during World War. Reception edit This section needs expansion. You can help by adding.

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with hein the next day, he menacingly tells her it's dangerous to know too much. Grombek reveals that her grandfather was a member, and that the drug he became famous for developing was the result of his experiments. She flees to the hospital to confront her grandfather, but is told that he has died. At the assembly of the society, hein expresses no remorse for the murders and defiantly accepts their punishment, slashing himself three times in the face. Grombek takes responsibility for the killings and leaves to call the authorities to arrest hein. Later, while paula destroys the diplomas granted to her grandfather, a crazed hein kills Grombek in his house. Paula gets back to the school, but is trapped by hein and his accomplice, phil. While they are preparing her for preservation, her bindings are partially cut by casper.

Paula finds that david's body presents strange cuts, and decides to investigate the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death. When she goes to cut a sample for an independent test, she is amazed to find a triple "A" mark near david's ankle. She is then startled by the school's mortuary attendant, who wants to know if Professor Grombek is aware of her acts. Paula finds clues pointing to an ancient secret society, the Anti-hippocratic Society, which performs gruesome experiments on living people deemed undesirable. Paula also comes across research about the rituals that they perform on transgressors of their rules, or those who inquire too much. One night, paula sits on her bed and realizes it has been soaked in blood, with candles left under it, as a sign of warning from the society. She then attacks a figure that enters her room, who turns out to be her friend hein, who wants someone to talk to over his recent breakup from his girlfriend Gretchen. Casper, paula's romantic interest, also enters the room and becomes furious that she is not alone. Hein leaves, apparently more at peace. As Gretchen and her new boyfriend prepare to have sex in one of the morgue halls, hein murders the other man in a jealous rage. He then injects Gretchen with poison, telling her that he will preserve her body.

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From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, hand jump to navigation, jump to search "Anatomie" redirects here. It is not to be confused with. Anatomy german : Anatomie ) is a 2000, german horror film written and directed by, stefan ruzowitzky that stars. A sequel, Anatomy 2 anatomie 2 ) was released in 2003. The film was a box-office pericecal success in Germany, 1 and, columbia pictures released the film's English- dubbed version in the, united States theatrically. Synopsis edit, medical student paula henning wins a place in a summer course at the. University of heidelberg, where her grandfather had been a noted professor. During one of her classes on anatomy, the body of david, a young man whom paula encountered on her train to heidelberg, turns up on her dissection table. Paula's instructor, Professor Grombek, humiliates her by daring her dissect the heart.

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Very detailed with vivid images and anatomical naming tags. Heavy gauge lamination to last forever. Vertebral Column Anatomy poster Spine Anatomical Chart Company. Anatomy of the Thoracic Spine and Vertebrae poster zazzle. Anatomy posters Spine surface Anatomy. 10 und 11: Arthrose des Großzehengrundgelenkes vor der Operation. "bbc news - africa - kenya to outlaw alcohol adverts". 10 bis 14 Tage dauern. "Alcohol Advertisers launch Self-Regulation Pact in Europe".

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Grey's Anatomy comes from Henry Gray, an author with the medical textbook gray's Anatomy, printed under the existing title as the 40th British edition. Muscular System Anatomy poster 24 x 36 Staples. Anatomical Charts and Posters Anatomy Charts Vascular System. Choose from normal and abnormal medical anatomical charts and anatomy posters of the human body. The second part of mfa thesis project. The layout of these posters was inspired by botanic illustrations, which also gave this poster an educational element.

Our posters are unique because they are. One side is labeled and the other is not so you can use it for quizzes. Female muscle Anatomy poster 18" X 24". Muscles and viscera of the female body. Medical and anatomy posters.

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The Interactive knee presents full knee anatomy in three dimensions.  13  Commercial, interactive hip is a stunning interactive 3D anatomy atlas. Non-reviewed 2  Ronyasoft  8,297 ContMedia  34 Primal Pictures Ltd. .

Each region-specific poster -back, arms, shoulders, chest, abdomen, gluteals, and legs-presents nine exercise illustrations that depict the anatomy in action. Buy anatomy poster : Posters prints - m free delivery possible on eligible purchases. Free download poster anatomy files at Software Informer. An essential tool for urologists in practice and students, this software is unsurpassed in conveying complex anatomical information view. Spine anatomy poster shows 3 views of the spine, cervical, thoracic and luimbar vertebrae with cross-section of vertebral unit. Tuesday, august 30, 2011.

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Poster was created to be the quickest, easiest, and saturday cheapest poster maker. Srs1 Software 25 Shareware, creating posters from any digital image with Poster Buddy software. Brown herbranson 5 Commercial, the tooth Atlas is an Dental Anatomy and 3-d interactive software. 8 Ronyasoft 1,338 Shareware. Ronyasoft Poster Designer is a software program for quick and easy design. 1 SRS1 Software 71 Shareware, digital Camera poster Creator allows you to create high quality posters. 2 Ronyasoft 392 Shareware, this program is a poster or banner creation tool for Windows. 16 Commercial.

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8 BinarySense Inc. 732 Shareware. Hddlife is a real-time hard drive statistics, alerts, malfunction protection. 15 BinarySense, ltd. 2,481 Shareware, monitor the health of alcohol your hard disks by measuring. 37 Commercial, monitors and take care of problems regarding hard drives and external drives. Additional titles, containing poster anatomy free 1 Argosy publishing, Inc. 32 Commercial 3d human Anatomy Atlas is the most robust human anatomy learning application. 4 2g techWorks 134 Shareware.

The 'anatomy Trains' is a revolutionary way of analyzing soft-tissue pattern. Primal Pictures 1 Commercial, interactive 3D skeleton with bones, ligaments, muscles and vessels. 3 Longtail Studios 87 Commercial, it is an action game, only gaat avaliable in single player mode. See non-reviewed poster anatomy free software. More poster Anatomy Free, poster Anatomy Free in introduction 1 Primal Pictures Ltd 3 Commercial. An essential tool for urologists in practice and students. Mlahanas 6 Demo, single and multiobjective anatomy-based dose optimization for hdr brachytherapy. Commercial, the program combines the detailed study of dissection with computer technology.

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Home, medical - anatomy posters, laminated medical posters and anatomy posters. Acupuncture points poster, reflexology poster, brain anatomy poster, muscular system poster, skeletal system poster, ear, nose and throat, cellular anatomy poster, human nervous system and more. Related searches, poster Anatomy Free at Software Informer 7 .D.A.M. Software 540 Commercial, a comprehensive resource for learning anatomy and physiology. 1 .D.A.M., Inc. 20 Commercial. It afvallen enhances the study of human anatomy, physiology and related topics. Primalpictures 193 Commercial 3d human Anatomy - smart software that helps you easily learn the human anatomy. 2 Primal Pictures Limited 44 Commercial.

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